S2 Week 11 @ Carey

S2 Week 11 @ Carey

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278 Reasons for Joy

I'll be the first to complain about lockdown. It's been hard on all of us for various reasons. Zoom is not "real" contact, balancing work and normal life (kids for me) is hard, assessments are always looming, and the anxiety of the unknown hangs over our heads. I feel so much quicker to anger, lacking in patience, and just plain grumpy. Like, all the time. 

52 days (and counting) in lockdown, though, haven't really changed who I am. I don't know about you, but lockdown has just catalysed the process of bringing out what's within, quickly exposing who I am beneath it all. Some of what comes out is worrying, and some is actually not that bad. I have a shorter fuse these days, and I'm tired. But there is joy to be found. 

Whenever we get to the point where we can evaluate this current lockdown and it's cumulative effect on our psyche, I believe I will remember it relatively fondly. Johnny, our nearly-three-year-old is no longer taking an afternoon nap, he's fully toilet trained, can play independently for long periods of time, and he has more than doubled his vocabulary. Meanwhile, Raya, our five-and-a-half-year-old, can seamlessly ride a bike, absolutely destroy me in Uno, and ask Alexa to play 80s rock. All these I count as parenting wins in the most recent lockdown.

So while I often feel like whatever shred of sanity I had before 17 August quickly disappeared within the first couple hours, this time has really been amazing, full of wonderful memories. This morning I scrolled back through my photo album on my phone and recounted some of these memories. My kids learning how to love one another more, them getting to see my 95 year-old grandmother on numerous occasions via FaceTime, epic Lego palaces my daughter made, and so many more.

278 pictures since this lockdown began, a small sample of a blessed life. 278 reasons for joy. 


Chapel This Week

Chapel is back again with Henry Feleti sharing with us. Henry is pastor of Hosanna Avondale Baptist Church and completed a Bachelor and Postgraduate Diploma at Carey. Join us for a special time to see each others' faces and worship together. 

Join us on Zoom.
Meeting ID: 941 1491 6933

Campus Remains Closed

With Auckland still at Level 3, Carey’s current Alert Level 3 arrangements continue to be in place. This means that the campus remains closed to staff and students.

All classes (weekly taught and blocks) will be taught online via Zoom until at least Friday 23 October.

We will make a decision about the final two weeks of semester before that date. The weeks starting 8 and 15 November remain as the planned study/reading weeks, with some Monday classes having a catch up session on 8 November to account for Labour Day.

Course Evaluations - Due 15 October

Semesterly course evaluations are coming up soon. At Carey, each course is evaluated at least once every three years–so not every course is evaluated every semester. The link to the survey is found in your CareyOnline course. We value your input and feedback as we seek to improve our courses.

MB6/728 A History of the Gospel in Aotearoa
MB531 Intro to the Old Testament
MF478 Faith Engaging Social Issues
MB6/740 Acts: A Missional Reading
MB6/723 People of God
MB6/733 Worship and Wisdom
MM6/769 Gospel and Youth
MM6/777 Family NZ Society
MM663 Introduction to Preaching
MA826 Kingdom Economics
MA827 Theology Race and Church
MA828 Discipleship and Gospel Transformation

Surveys need to be completed by next Friday 15 October so that the feedback can be collated and lecturers can respond to it in week 15. Please contact Neroli Hollis if you have any questions.



If you are worried about getting your assessments done in time and would like to request an extension, please contact Neroli Hollis and complete an Application for Extension form.

While the library remains closed during level 3, click and collect is available from 10am-1pm, Monday to Saturday. Please be in touch if you need any resources to support your studies. 


Lord God, you are my shepherd.
When I am aware of what I lack in lockdown, open my eyes to your provision of all that I need.
When I am weary and agitated show me the places of rest and sources of refreshment along the way in which you are leading me. 
When I am dry and downcast, renew and energise me by your Spirit.
When I am losing direction, reorient me towards what is right for me and for others, and for your glory.
When I am confronted with death, whether in the overwhelming Covid statistics or in the immediate experience of people whom I know, may your presence take away fear and give me strength to go on.
Thank you that I can delight in the joy that is to come, in your affirmation and the abundance of your generosity.
Thank you for your steadfast love that will never stop pursuing me until you have drawn me home.