Week 11 @ Carey

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Week 11 @ Carey
by Kathryn Heard - Friday, 18 October 2019, 3:01 PM
WEEK 11      
Dame Vivienne Boyd was a remarkable Baptist woman who believed firmly that Christian faith must engage the public square. At the beginning of the 1990s, she offered her thoughts on the challenges the church was facing.

Among other things, she raised concern about Christian faith and climate change. Her insights remain as challenging today as they were 30 years ago: “We have been told that this may be the last generation with the opportunity to reverse the philosophy of exploitation of earth's natural resources… Christians who believe that life did not occur by accident but by divine creation, and who should have an understanding of the meaning of stewardship, have a special responsibility to understand the issue, to support appropriate environmental campaigns, and, above all, in making personal choices, to be sensitive to their effect on the quality of the land, water and atmosphere of this planet.”
NZB, Feb 1990, 7.

Andrew Picard

CHAPEL THIS WEEK: Student Reflections

Our students reflect on what has "nau mai kia kite a kanohi" meant to them this year.


Join us as a community for lunches on Monday and Tuesday in the Wharekai.

Monday 12.40pm
Tuesday 12pm

Our chef Karen cooks up a storm for us and its free!


Come and join us for a time of praying for one another, our community and nation. 


1 Completed Evaluation =  Chocolate from Neroli

It is that time of semester when we as YOU students to tell us about your experiences studying at Carey. The Student Course Evaluations are being sent out for a selection of semester two courses (we try to spread evaluations out over a 3 year cycle).

Your feedback helps us know what you like, and to continually improve our courses and programmes, so we would love it if you can spare some time to respond to those evaluations. Watch your inbox for the link from Neroli.

You will need to complete them by Monday 21st October 11.59pm. Chocolates await those who do smile

Teaching staff will summarise your feedback and respond in the last week of teaching.

We will also summarise your feedback and post this to CareyOnline in November. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!


This is a busy time of year with final assessments due in the coming weeks. Please remember the information and support available through:
Course teachers – feel free to ask them if you are want to clarify the assessment question or your direction
Library team – if you need some advice finding the right books, articles, or need guidance with referencing
10 Essentials for Assessments – don’t forget this helpful guide on CareyOnline
Peer Writing Assistants – great assistance with structuring your assignment. Spaces are limited, book through the library team
Extensions – please remember if there is a legitimate reason 😊 for needing an extension then you need to complete the Request for Extension form and get this to Neroli well BEFORE the due date. Remember - Extensions for final assessments are limited because of end of semester grade confirmation deadlines.


Mt Albert Baptist is returning to its musical roots with a new stage show The Way of the Raukura – A Parihaka Musical.

Auditions are being held on Saturday 19 October for a new stage musical telling the incredible true story of the grace extended to soldiers during the 1881 invasion of the pacifist village Parihaka, nestled in the foothills of Mt Taranaki.

Are you interested in auditioning?? Check out this link for all the information. Please spread the word to other talented people you may know.
Come and celebrate our students completing their training programmes:

Pastoral Leadership
Youth Pastoral Leadership
Mission Track
Ethnic Ministry Training

24 October | Royal Oak Baptist church

More Information here

AMORANGI - Priest or Leader

Fits well with the proverb ko te amorangi ki mua, ko te hapai ki muri-things of the spiritual to the front and the physical support behind...our leaders are nothing without the support of the kitchen, for example


Library hours are as follow:
Monday – Thursday  8:30-6:30pm
Friday                        9am-5:00pm
Saturday                   10:00am-12:30pm


Three big boxes of books have just been delivered to the library and will be on sale.
come and check them out.
“I am the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end,” says the Lord God. “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come—the Almighty One.”
Revelation 1:8