GMIM 10 October 2011

GMIM 10 October 2011

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Liz Tisdall writes...

Having been dragged along to my big brothers’ schoolboy rugby games weekend after weekend as a child, being anti the game became my way of expressing independence in a rugby-mad family. As the World Cup loomed this year, it was time to either skip the country or go with the flow. I’m glad I stayed around. The sense of community in my neighbourhood has been fun, even the banner-buying scrum at the two dollar shop. Cars and houses are festooned with flags - mainly Tongan. Dancing in the streets was observed the night Tonga beat France.

Commentators have compared the place of rugby in New Zealand society to that occupied by religion in the past. A church hoarding sums it up, proclaiming “Pray like it was 1987”. The similarities are all there, and not just the communal group-hug aspects. There is even that rather grim triumvirate – the sponsors, the players and the IRB.

Now here we are, tighthead between quarter and semi-finals weekends. Rugby fatigue is setting in. The ‘minnow’ teams and the beloved underdogs have been replaced by the juggernauts, flanked by nationalistic fervour and media hype.

Thankfully, there is life beyond World Cup rugby. As you work towards your final assignment goals and towards ending the semester well, you may be looking forward to a time of rest, calm, peaceful reflection…

But then – whammo – along comes Election 2011. Enjoy the maul.


Community Worship 11:15am-12noon

Facilitated by Rob Hallows and Kevin Robertson

The Power of the Gospel

After Dinner Mints @ lunch

Tim Bulkeley : Aside from teaching OT at Carey for 19 Years, Tim is active in preparing online Bible study materials and was Vice-Principal of the Protestant University of the Congo during the 1980s. He received a distinguished teaching award from the University of Auckland and is so far the only person to get a podcast into the bibiloblog top 50.


Prayer for our Nation

Prayer for our 12:40-1:00pm

Come and join us as we pray Christ into our Nation. We will be praying for our Government


20 October sENDing

25 October Kiwi Made Preaching

Summer 2012 Catalyst Summer Conference


Calling all students – please ensure you complete an evaluation for each course you are enrolled in for semester two. Thanks


The sick bay has been provided as a place of quiet when staff and students are unwell. If you are using the facility, please would you kindly remake the bed after use and leave the room tidy.


Is being used on Wednesday 26th October for an exam. There will be a sign on the closed doors of the rec room. Please do not enter.

Kiwi Made Preaching Forums on 25th October

Help needed

Shireen needs some students to help out with registrations on the morning of the 25th of October. Please send her an email if you are willing to help out!

For students who are interested in signing up for this, please register at The cost for Carey students is $30 for the whole day.

Introducing Rogan

Some of you may notice a new visitor to Carey this week - Rogan, Vanessa's hearing dog. Rogan will be attending the lectures, sleeping in the library, visiting the dining room, etc. He loves attention, so please say hello, and give him a pat, preferably not on the head (he loves a back rub or a tickle under the chin). Please do not give him any 'human food' as he has been trained to work in cafes, and therefore he is not allowed ANY food whilst he is at Carey. Rogan is looking forward to his time at Carey, especially after his welcome by the librarians who gave him his very own library card, a yummy toy, and a water bowl with his name on it. Thanks!


There is a final Open Tuesday for 2011. If you are aware of anyone that may be interested in study in 2012 in any of the programmes, please encourage them to come to this. Neroli has full details of the day and she will take registrations. or 0800 773 776.

11 October; 8:45am-3pm

GRADUATION 2012…from the Academic Registrar

To all students intending to complete a Carey qualification this year – please remember to get the Graduation 2012 form from either reception or email Neroli for it. ( In order to graduate you need to complete this form in full whether or not you attend the ceremony.

The event itself will be held at the Manukau City Baptist Church on Saturday 24 March 2012.

TSCF Catalyst Summer Conference 2012

7-14 January

TSCF's ministry to young professionals, workers and graduates, Catalyst is bringing a team of five to New Zealand from the internationally respected Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, which is led by Dr Timothy Keller. The team are some of the leading thinkers and practioners globally helping (younger) professionals apply the gospel to all of life. (Details below)

Over seven full days we’ll be exploring the four key turning points of scripture together: The Creation, Fall, The Cross and New Creation. We’ll be spending significant time getting a better vision of God’s work in and through our work. We’ll be taking the time to learn and practice spiritual disciplines to enrich and enable our relationship with God in our personal and professional lives. We’ll be wrestling with how we can see the gospel embodied and expressed throughout our professions and in wider New Zealand society. It’s going to be a fantastic week of fun, friendship and good food.

All the Summer Conference details are on the website, and more information is in the attached brochure.

The cost $399 for hotel style accommodation or $329 for tenting. Places are limited, so we would appreciate people's registration by 30th November.

Payment of the registration fee confirms their place.


We’re keen to offer faithful, daily prayer for students, lecturers and friends/family – please email your requests to or anonymously in Nigel Irwin’s pigeon hole if you wish. And if you’d like to join the prayer-chain, let me (Nigel) know. James 5:16, Phil 4:6