GMIM 19 September 2011

GMIM 19 September 2011

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Frances Leung writes…

A few months ago, I got a flatmate whom I had many conversations and interactions with. She mentioned a few times a statement from her mother, which she also thinks is wisdom for life, goes ‘It is better to know/learn how to BE (a person) than how to DO (works), as an ox also knows how to DO’ (I am translating that from Chinese, I hope is it understandable. If you can read Chinese, the original statement is ‘懂得做人比懂得做事好, 因為牛也懂得做事’). From the conversations we had, her meaning of ‘how to BE’ is to know how to interact with people, skilfully, making/remaining good relationships and fitting in with others.

For a more secular intention, it could also mean flattering, playing tricks, roping in others, forming divisional groups in order to make ‘good’ relationships to avoid extra work or losing your job. However, if we see it from a Christian perspective, I think the phrase ‘learn how to BE’ is worth paying attention to.

We are all very familiar with the concept of ‘being’ – to be disciples of Christ. I have no doubt in myself or other followers of Christ that we strive to be a person God wants us to be. We should also be a person in good relationships with others. Throughout the years, there are hindrances I found, that they were not merely about my self-centred nature, but also about my lack of basic life skills. Some well-known skills are time management, task planning, etc. Over the years, the skills I found that I need to constantly learn are: how to deal with failure, how to deal with criticism and demands from others, how to solve problems, how to manage anger, fear and other emotional instabilities. For the positive ones, I would say to learn how to be responsible and accountable, how to be realistic while still dare to dream, how to face challenges, how to accept and appreciate myself, how to prevent discouragements, how to encourage positive conversations, how to retain spiritual disciplines, etc. I hope you would have some resonance with me. I too hope parents can continue helping their kids in developing these skills. However above all, our Christian faith is the base of all of these developments. Without the love of Christ I don’t think I will learn how ‘to BE’ in the right way.


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