GMIM 9 August 2011

GMIM 9 August 2011

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Joe Huang writes…

Thanks to the trips overseas in recent years, for business or personal reasons, a peculiar but growingly substantial suspicion of mine is finally proven true, -- at least with 98 percent certainty: in every single trip I made, regardless the destination, at certain point, either departing or arriving, I would definitely be picked up at least once by at least one Customs officers at, at least, an airport of my fright. Some might have been ready to advise that I was paranoid: anyone could experience that kind of things. Well, I got the irrefutable proof.

In past years it has become customary for me to secretly record whether or not I was picked up by Customs officers during a journey. Guess what: I was never missed once. Not a single exception. Believe me, when I travelled, I was always a, if not the best, well-behaved citizen/passenger you can possible find. So much so I even thwarted the temptation of bringing food, fruits or even water with me during trips. I am confident that I did not act suspiciously or look nervous, at least not more than any ‘average Joe’ before the x-ray procession. But these efforts did not prevent me from the aforementioned perpetual, obnoxious ordeals. Many a time I was subjected to a thorough frisk or drug test. Luckily they never found anything unlawful or surprising. One of the most unforgettable experiences is two years ago: When I was waiting for the check-in luggage from the carousel at Sidney Airport, a sniffing German shepherd had been sitting behind me, surely enough a female officer requested me to open the suitcase, immediately after it arrived.

Out of mounting curiosity as well as annoyance, I once asked a Customs officer why I was picked up from a long queue when no one else was. The answer from that avid asking is not the most enlightening, not even helpful either: it’s just random. I have gone so far to ask my Christian friends to intercede for me before my last ministry trip to Melbourne in June, that I may be spared from that bizarre luckiness. Sadly, those promised prayers did not save me either. Yes, I was picked up and subjected to detailed frisk again, and yes, that involved drug test machine.

To clarify my suspicion, I shared with quite some friends about these happenings, in the hope that I am not alone. But the responses confirm that my case is exceptionally rare. Out of good will, a number of friends offered their hypothetic explanations, which range from ‘name mistaken with some criminals’, ‘wrong hair style’, ‘dressed too formal/too casual’, ‘appeared too friendly/too serious’ and so forth. Racist implication aside, one often suggested theory is: ‘you probably look like some sort devious person’. Ouch. That really hurt.

A friend put up an unexpected but thoughtful question to me: ‘did these unwanted experiences ever rock your faith in God?’ Not much, to be honest. You weren’t about to give up on the divine providence, merely because of an undignified frisk or drug test at Customs. After all, compared with so many ‘real’ ordeals you can easily find in our world, which endlessly traumatise countless people. We probably got bigger things to worry ourselves.


Community Worship 11:15am-12noon

Facilitated by Naomi Compton and Gareth Wood

Philippians 3:1-16

Speaker: Tim Bulkeley

After Dinner Mints @ lunch

Mark de Jong has always had music in his blood. After playing bass for numerous bands from the age of 14, Mark started running Youth for Christ events before founding Parachute Music in 1989. His vision was simple: help Christian musicians to reach their potential and they will change the spiritual climate of New Zealand.


Principal's Call to Prayer


Charles keenly invites you to join with him and other staff members to pray in regard to the appointment of two new Biblical Study Academics @ Carey. This is an exciting time for us as a college and we must seek God’s leading.


15-19 August Library Week

ART WEEK – Thank you!

An annual event when we can celebrate our own creativity.

Thank you to all of you for your contributions to Art Week. We have been very blessed by your contributions, and thank all the artists for sharing it with us.

Please collect your art from Shireen’s office sometime this week!


8:45am-3:30pm approx.

This particular Open Tuesday will have a focus on Pastoral Leadership (senior, sole, associate, youth). If you are aware of people that may be interested in this training, please encourage them to think about being with us for the day on the 16th August. Contact Karen Schilperoort for full details. (ph 09 5266590 directly or email

If as a current student you are thinking about pastoral leadership, feel free to contact Karen for further information on application deadlines and/or to talk this option through with her or John Tucker.


In the breaks of the morning classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, the Student Association offers coffee at $2/cup. Come join the rest of the students for a good coffee during these times.


There is an emergency exit way in the recreation room that has to be kept clear of any furniture at all times. This exit way is access from the library to the recreation room in the event of an emergency and is the only way library users can escape should other exits not be accessible. There is a sign on the door, therefore please do not put anything in front of this doorway. Thank you.


We’re keen to offer faithful, daily prayer for students, lecturers and friends/family – please email your requests to or anonymously in Nigel Irwin’s pigeon hole if you wish. And if you’d like to join the prayer-chain, let me (Nigel) know. James 5:16, Phil 4:6