GMIM 4 April 2011

GMIM 4 April 2011

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Greg Liston writes...

I felt like I was a Pastoral Leadership Student again.

Given that I’m marking some of the assignments for Luke, Trinity and the People of God, I thought it would be helpful (and fun!) to sit in on some lectures and remind myself what actually happens.

It was the weirdest feeling. Quite surreal. Like time warping back 10 years to somewhere that’s just like you remember … but not quite.

Because truthfully some things haven’t changed at all. George Wieland is still vibrantly entertaining and virtually omniscient. He’s as unburdened by the notes as ever, and the better for it. The library still buzzes with the nervous studiousness of assignments due just a little too soon and started just a little too late. The air conditioning is still mildly (and sometimes wildly) uncontrollable. (The lady next to me commented “Oh yes, I always bring a blanket to class with me.” Well … of course.)

Some things have changed, though. Andrew Picard used to sit next to me. Now he’s up front and owning that space! He can still capture an idea in apithy sentence better than anyone I know. And Myk Habets is new too, with his rapier wit, razor sharp intelligence and burning passion.

Without sounding too much like the wizened, grizzled old man of yesteryear, I really hope you realise what you’ve got here. Because it’s gold—pure gold. The opportunity to spend a quantum of time engrossed in God’sWord and what it means for God’s world, guided by passionate, skilled lecturers with integrity and conviction—a place where asking the hard questions is notjust accepted but expected. This has the opportunity to be the most formativeperiod in your life (bar none).

So for God’s sake, don’t waste it.


4 April 2011 Semester 1


Community Worship 11:15am-12pm

Facilitated by Youth Pastor Students

Brian Krum on Phil 1:19-26

After Dinner Mints @ lunch

Chris Sola: is the Senior Pastor ofthe Dream Centre, Manukau and the Chairperson of the Dream Centre Trust. He Is working on his Thesis Proposal for his PhD through Carey looking at Baptist Engagement of Pacific Peoples in New Zealand since the 1940’s. He is of Maori and Samoan descent.


Lenten Prayers


Praying for the college, community, country and people.

All welcome to join in.


Easter Camps!

21- 25 April

Mystery Creek

Missions Week

23– 27 May


A huge thank you toall who helped out on Saturday! It was afantastic day and your willingness to help out made it run smoothly and aspecial day for all.