S2 Week 3 @ Carey

S2 Week 3 @ Carey

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Sleeping with Scripture: Part Two

Some of you may remember that I wrote about a new spiritual practice that I’d just commenced in this forum around this time last year: For three or so minutes immediately before I go to bed, I read one verse from the Bible repeatedly. As I drift off to sleep, I continue to recite the scripture. When I wake up during the night, the scripture is often the first thing that pops into my mind. When I stir in the morning guess what regularly comes to mind first. You’re correct! The very scripture I’ve been meditating on. I repeat this process with the same verse for seven nights in a row and then move onto another verse. I can happily report that I’ve maintained this practice these past twelve months and the benefits of it are most encouraging. My hunger and love for scripture has greatly increased. Scriptures that I’ve pondered regularly pop into mind during my pastoral work. And when my mind begins to gallop off in unhelpful directions, various scriptures often appear in my head that I can choose to dwell on and thereby reign in my wayward thoughts. Why not join me and try sleeping with scripture?
Phil Halstead

CHAPEL WORSHIP - Come for a time of Remembering and Refreshing

Jonathan Edmeades will be talking on Matthew 1 - coming to the feast and superstar Neroli will be curating Chapel.

If you can't be physically present for chapel, don't forget we'll livestream this on the Carey Student Facebook Group. Get connected if you aren't already.


See you at 12.15pm on Monday and 12.00pm on Tuesday.


Thank God for all the new Staff at Carey, 
- Pray for Michael Rhodes as he navigates Covid in the USA, and waits patiently to immigrate to New Zealand 
- For Glenn Melville as he settles in to his role as director of Carey's Centre for Life Long Learning,
Praise our God for all the Baptist Union’s  regional leaders and church support leader appointments:
- Reti, Peter, Rachel, Mick, Ruby, David, Mike and Kim and Rick
God’s richness in their respective collaborative spaces with churches and pastors,
Pray for the 3rd Year PL and YPL students as they prepare for Commendation and the next steps seeking employment in our family of churches 
Library hours starting from Monday 26th July 2021
Monday-Thursday 8:30am-6:30pm
Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-12:30pm


Come to the library to recharge your batteries. There are puzzles (easy ones), board games and taniwha & ladders scatted around the library for you to do.