Welcome to Semester Two 2021!

Welcome to Semester Two 2021!

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Like Ants After the Picnic 

3.15pm strikes and the campus comes alive. Students scurrying off to refuel for the next few hours. Like ants who have spotted the best picnic and are off to enjoy the spoils of their score. Refuelling for the journey is a God given rhythm.

One of my sons decided eating is overrated. Eating is so ordinary. “What is the point because we just need to do it again in a few hours?” Apparently, a pointless waste of time. Time. Time that could be used to play music, build inventions, read, and craft. However, the world has been set in motion. Everything has a season and a reason… even the ordinary task of eating.

Valuing the ordinary is a gift. We see Jesus using the ordinary in his parables, stories and teaching. Valuing the ordinary rhythms of life takes patience, time, attention, and wisdom. In the ordinary we can enjoy the feast of life God has set out for us. We can value the providers of our meals, the restful much needed snooze, the rejuvenation of play, or the gift of legs to take us on a walk.

We have been blessed here at Carey with a lavish picnic of goodies!!  Not only do we have the value of eating together but learning together. I pray you relish this opportunity to refuel for a lifetime of loving, serving and living with Jesus. I pray your ordinary rhythms are filled with the extraordinary presence of a God who cares about the details. I pray you will taste and see that the Lord is so so so so GOOD!

Rachel Roche

CHAPEL WORSHIP - Water into Wine

In chapel we continue our theme of Feast. John Tucker will be speaking on John 2:1-11, the remarkable story of a wedding feast where Jesus turns water into wine.

If you can't be physically present for chapel, don't forget we'll livestream this on the Carey Student Facebook Group. Get connected if you aren't already.


See you at 12.40pm on Monday and 12.00pm on Tuesday.
What's your favourite lunch? Or suggestion on a new menu item?
Below is the full list of speakers and community formation for Semester Two.


All students are very welcome to join the Semester Two Orientation for new students.
It starts at 8.30am in Te Whare Kai on Monday.


The student handbook has key information about where to find important information and who to talk to if you have questions about your enrolment, fees, courses or other academic and pastoral support.
A copy can be found on CareyOnline from the homepage.


If you are a new student, Carey has developed a self-directed induction course called First Steps which is available on CareyOnline. All new students are required to complete this course within the first four weeks of semester, and it will cover key aspects of academic literacy, academic writing and important aspects of academic integrity.

This course should appear under My Courses in CareyOnline. If you have any issues accessing the course please talk to any of the library team.


If you are changing your courses you need to fill in a Change of Enrolment form. You can find this under Forms for Students on Careyonline or on the Carey website.


If you are a new student in 2021, you should have received your login information for CareyOnline – Carey’s Learning Management System (LMS) where all of the key course information is stored. If you can’t locate that information or are having trouble logging on to CareyOnline, please contact Neroli Hollis (

For weekly taught courses (ie not block courses) the weekly lecture recordings should be posted in the Lecture Recordings section of your CareyOnline course within 48 hours of the onsite class. Please ensure you log on to CareyOnline regularly to check for messages and information from your course teachers.
Library hours starting from Monday 26th July 2021
Monday-Thursday 8:30am-6:30pm
Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-12:30pm


Come and make your own beeswax wraps. Wonderful re-usable alternative to plastic wraps or you can give it as a gift.
Date : Wednesday 28 July 2021
Time: 12:30-1:30pm
Venue : Library