IMPORTANT: Semester two Timetable changes

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IMPORTANT: Semester two Timetable changes
by Rob Ayres - Thursday, 3 June 2021, 2:31 PM

Kia ora koutou
Please note an important change to our semester two timetables for weekly-taught classes. From semester two, fortnightly Zoom classes will NOT be scheduled – and the regular weekly scheduled class will run for 2 ½ hours with the option to connect into the entire class live via Zoom videolink. Please see the attached pdf for the revised timings.
All regional (distance) students are encouraged to join the classes live via Zoom link wherever possible. Weekly recordings will continue to be available on CareyOnline within 24-48 hours of the class.

So why the changes, and why not go back to 3 hour classes? There are several reasons. Firstly, we recognise that the learning community at Carey is increasingly diverse, with a growing proportion of regional (distance) students. Pedagogically, we want to increase the opportunity for students to engage as a WHOLE class (ie onsite and distance students), to interact with each other, to discuss, debate and defend ideas. We want to remove physical barriers to participation by using technology to offer a range of synchronous and asynchronous modes of engaging with content/teachers/other students. At the same time, we heard from you that many think that the 2 hour classes (with a break) sometimes just felt too time pressured. We are not going back to 3 hour classes because we believe that as we increase the modes and platforms available online for students to access content and key resources, that the F2F time can be better utilised for discussion, exploration and interaction. Yes, there will always be a place for a good lecture, but we want to maximise the affordances of having everyone in the room (in-personal or virtually via Zoom) at the same time. Ie – for active participation and interaction. As always, we will continue to evaluate these changes as we implement them. This is our commitment to developing the Carey learning community across all of Aotearoa (and beyond!) as best we can.  Ngā mihi nui