S1 Week 12 @ Carey

S1 Week 12 @ Carey

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The kingdom of God is here! And at the same time, the kingdom of God hasn’t yet come in full.
That “the already and the not yet” dynamic is pretty easy to understand, at least intellectually. But it’s awfully hard to live by. My wife Rebecca and I feel sometimes our whole lives are a parable of this “already/not yet” tension. Already I’m working at Carey, we’re befriending staff and students, we’re imagining our life in Aotearoa. But we’re not yet actually there! Figuring out how to live here in light of the dynamic that God is calling us to live there can be kind of miserable.
In the case of Jesus’s kingdom, though, we’re not waiting for God to take us somewhere else . . . we’re waiting for him to bring his kingdom here. How do we live in the meantime?
This picture of my kids suggested to me a parable this week. They’re lying in the grass at their grandmother’s feet after spending time with her. They know we’re moving to New Zealand. Of course, they’re excited and sad and scared and thrilled, all at the same time. Yet in their faces I see a joy and carefree rest in the moment that maybe, just maybe, communicates something about how we, as children of the coming King, have been invited to live in this “time between the times.”
May Jesus give us that kind of freedom as we make his kingdom known, and wait for its full arrival. 

Michael Rhodes (from Memphis, Tennessee)


Jesus said “I am the bread of life.”
Come… All are welcome. Sustenance for the soul. Refreshment for the road.  Joy for the journey.
Make time on Tuesday 11.15am to come to the feast.



See you at 12.40pm on Monday and 12.00pm on Tuesday. 
Thank you so much for contributing to the Mission Week kete. We delivered your food to Vision West to be included in their Pataka kai.
It's Samoan Language Week this week. Click on this link to learn some handy phrases. 


Spirit and Trinity
Te Ao Maori
Baptist churches
Understanding Culture
Intro to Pastoral care
Christian Worldview
If you are in these classes can you PLEASE and PLEASE and PLEASE make me ? by completing the Course Evaluation – it’s done via SurveyMonkey and you will have received an email from me and also a link via the Careyonline for that course.
We need this to be done by Thursday 3 June and after that we gather the responses and the lecturers give feedback on the findings and any changes planned as a result before the end of the semester – YES we do listen to your feedback ?
And a chocolate is either available from my office (or posted) once you have completed (and yes if you have to do 4 course evaluations you can get 4 chocolates!!)
We aim for a 100% completion!!


Do you want some support with assignment writing? Do you know about our Peer Writing Assistants? We have a new Peer Writing Assistants (PWAs) team who have volunteered their time to work with students to help them with academic writing and academic literacy.

Talk to the library team or the PWA team if you want to know more about what a PWA can do for you! Thank you Rebecca Pullen, Susanna Denby, Grace Paddison and Jono Edmeades!

The team won’t write your assignment for you ?, but WILL help you with the process of writing and give you feedback on the overall structure of your work. If you would like help with your assessments, you are able to book time with one of our PWA team.

Appointments can be in-person on campus, or online (Zoom etc). For an appointment, please contact the library (NOT the PWA team) as below:
For an extended one-to-one booking (30 minute or 60 minute options) email : and include:
  • Your name and student ID number
  • Identify which assessment you are focussing on (course, assessment outline)
  • Identify if you want a 30 minute or 60 minute slot
Email the library with your preferred time and you will be given an appointment.  Confirm your appointment time within 48 hours.
If you have questions, feel free to talk with any of the library team.


Don't forget that we have a Carey Students 2021 Facebook group for all current students of Carey. This is a great spot to keep connected if you're a distance student and hear about the latest events, etc. Ask to be invited today.
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Library hours during semester time
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Calling all Ukelele Players

Siong is looking for ukulele players for chapel service on Tuesday 15 June 2021.
Please contact her if you can assist.