S1 Week 5 @ Carey

S1 Week 5 @ Carey

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Just as the sustained efforts of our new graduates are being celebrated, some of you will be grappling with first assignments at the start of your Carey journey. Time for a shaggy dog story...
Womble was a sick puppy with a shadowy past when he arrived at the SPCA in Auckland. The health issue was soon resolved after surgery to remove from his stomach a hacky sack, a rope toy and a soft toy mouse. He produced another hand-knitted mouse the night he arrived at his new foster home.
Like all three SPCA rehab pups for whom I have played ‘Good Cop’ fun aunt, Womble needs:
 security – as in, “Surely my caregiver has not left the room without me?”
 consistent boundaries and cuddles
 the couch - “But I have always been allowed on the couch”. Yeah right.
How long will it take the “all-consuming” Womble to trust enough to walk well alongside his human pack? It is a challenge, as is the journey taken at Carey.
“Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.
“Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures”.
Francis of Assisi

Written by Liz Tisdall


We have the pleasure of hearing from Rebekah Armstrong in Chapel this week.

Rebekah is the Head of Advocacy and Justice at World Vision and the Director of Business and Human Rights Consultants.
She has lived and worked in Uganda, Cambodia and with the United Nations in Iran specialising in refugee and humanitarian law. Rebekah has a strong human rights law background and a speciality in modern slavery. She is currently leading a petition in support of modern slavery legislation. Rebekah is Chair of the New Zealand Human Trafficking Research and Advocacy Coalition and an advisory group member for the Centre for Research on Modern Slavery.  


Lunches are 'normal' this week:
Monday at 12.40pm
Tuesday 12noon straight after Chapel
Come and have some kai. Sit with someone new this week.


Do you want to use the coffee machine at Carey? Enjoy barista style coffee with Fair Trade coffee beans for only $25 a semester! Please see Lidy at Reception to pay this, and receive unlimited access for Semester One. 
Graduation is coming up on 27th March - starting at 3pm.

If you can't make it this event is being live streamed:

More details are here.


We need your help to make Graduation a wonderful celebration. Could you spare 2 - 3 hours on 27th March to help in the kitchen, ushering, or serving food? 
Please text Kathryn if you can help out - 021 503 368.


Please note the changes to normal timetables!
Carey is closed Good Friday (2 April), Easter Monday and the following Tuesday (5th 6th April).
Classes continue as normal Monday-Wednesday for the week of 29 March.
There are NO CLASSES scheduled for the week of the 5 April.
Teaching Week 6 continues on the 12 April – with full classes as per normal.


Do you want some support with assignment writing? Do you know about our Peer Writing Assistants? We have a new Peer Writing Assistants (PWAs) team who have volunteered their time to work with students to help them with academic writing and academic literacy.

Talk to the library team or the PWA team if you want to know more about what a PWA can do for you! Thank you Rebecca Pullen, Susanna Denby, Grace Paddison and Jono Edmeades!

The team won’t write your assignment for you ?, but WILL help you with the process of writing and give you feedback on the overall structure of your work. If you would like help with your assessments, you are able to book time with one of our PWA team.

Appointments can be in-person on campus, or online (Zoom etc). For an appointment, please contact the library (NOT the PWA team) as below:
For an extended one-to-one booking (30 minute or 60 minute options) email : and include:
  • Your name and student ID number
  • Identify which assessment you are focussing on (course, assessment outline)
  • Identify if you want a 30 minute or 60 minute slot
Email the library with your preferred time and you will be given an appointment.  Confirm your appointment time within 48 hours.
If you have questions, feel free to talk with any of the library team.

Tanya Lameta BAppTheol, PGDipHSc

Pasifika Student Support


Ph: 021793447

Jordyn Rapana BAppTheol

Māori Student Support


Ph: 02102500072


Māori and Pasifika students are important to Carey Baptist diverse and vibrant culture. We value all our students and families, and we are here to help our students thrive in their studies.

Carey Baptist College is committed to enhancing the academic success of Māori and Pasifika students.  We offer academic support available to Māori and Pasifika undergraduate and postgraduate students with our Paihere space. 

Paihere means to unite or bind together and we want to approach study at Carey collaboratively and in the context of supportive community, among both students and staff.  Paihere offers wānanga, fonotaga, small-group learning, individual meetings and academic workshops.  Similar to a ‘village’, Paihere will help connect students with academic teaching staff, Library support and Peer writers to help develop their community of learning. 

Our student support team strive to provide a positive, welcoming campus environment for everyone especially Māori and Pasifika students. 


Have you activated your OpenAthens account? If you have issue, please email the librarians:
Friday 2 April 2021         Closed
Saturday 3 April 2021     Closed
Sunday 4 April 2021       Closed
Monday 5 April 2021       Closed
Tuesday 6 April 2021      Closed
Wednesday 7 April 2021 onwards, normal hours