S2 W13 (Odd Week) @ Carey

S2 W13 (Odd Week) @ Carey

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2020 is the year of years. Covid-19 is a powerful virus that is changing the world and our lives. Many of us are struggling, especially with assessments due over the next few weeks.

This week in chapel we explored the book of Revelation, which invites us to comprehend our everyday lives in relation to God’s ultimate perspective. In Revelation, things appear bad upon the earth. But in his vision, John sees God and the lamb, not Covid-19, upon the throne. Whilst the forces of uncreation may have their day, their time is short.

In Revelation, the forces of uncreation make take life, but they cannot give it. Only God can give life through the power of the slain lamb. Revelation invites us to live from the reality that God is bringing about the greening of creation and humanity through the lamb and lamb power.
Find out more about the Ghent Altarpiece


It is with both excitement and sadness that we inform you of Reti Ah-Voa’s appointment to the role of Regional Leader for the Northern Baptist Association. This is an exceedingly important leadership role within the Baptist Union, overseeing nearly 100 churches from Kaitaia to Waiuku. We will miss Reti enormously. Reti has been our Pasifika Advisor and Tutorial Assistant for Maori and Pasifika students since 2013. Over that time, she has had a profound influence on the Carey community – not just through her exceptional work with our MPI students, but through her presence and involvement right across the college.
Reti says, “I have felt valued and I have been able to fly. Carey has been a nurturing and affirming place to work and be in community. I will always be a Carey girl.”
Thankfully, this is not goodbye. Reti’s new role will have her working closely with us here at Carey as she looks to support and resources pastors and churches across this region.
Reti’s official last day will be Friday 23rd October but she will continue through to November allowing her to support our current students through to completion of their studies.
Manaakinui Te Kahu writes: E Aunty Reti. Anei ngā kupu mo tētahi tauira mōu. Kua tae mai te wā ki te wehe atu ki tētahi atu wāhi kē. Ngā mihi aroha mo tō awhi, tō tautoko, tō whakaaro e pa ana ki nga momo rangahau, nga whakatika tuhinga, me nga korero katoa. Engari, kei roto I a mātou ngakau tonu. Pērā anō ki ngā wai o te Moana Nui a Kiwa; ka rere atu, ka hoki mai. Kia tau te aio i runga i tō haerenga e hoa.


We've reached Level 1!! That means we're back to relative "normal" with lunches, chapel and prayer all taking place next week.

Lunch will be happening in the Wharekai on Monday at 12.40pm and Tuesday (straight after Chapel) at 12noon.

Detailed attendance records are no longer required, and you do not need to sign in at Reception from Thursday 8 October onwards. You are encouraged to keep track of where you have been by continuing to use the QR code posters​ for the NZ Covid Tracer App on display at building entrances. 

Please continue to practise good hand hygiene, stay home if you are unwell, and if you have cold and flu symptoms contact your doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice.


11am | Tuesday
Craig is the Founding and Senior Pastor at The Upper Room.
He will be focusing on growing our vision of God by growing through the struggle of life and recognising your ministry as your Cross


Join us on-site in the chapel as we pray for each other, our nation and the world.


You should have received the link for the following course evaluations today (Friday) and close off will be 10am Friday 16th October:-
Thinking Theologically
I Corinthians
Intro to Preaching
Christian Spirituality
Mission of God
Pastoral Counselling
Childrens Ministry
Post Graduate
ALL courses
Your voice matters and here is the chance for you to make it heard ??


This time of semester things start to heat up with final assessments and end of year deadlines! Here are our top tips October/November:
  1. Make sure you have a clear plan of when your assessments are due!
  2. Plan in time to work on assessments BEFORE the due dates ?
  3. Use the resources on the 10 Essentials (see CareyOnline) to help with researching and writing
  4. Remember the library team are super-helpful in finding resources for assessments and helping out in general
  5. Talk with your teacher and make sure you understand the assessment question properly
  6. Finish your draft early and book a time with one of our Peer Writing Assistants!
  7. If you are on a L5 course, finish your assessment draft early and submit to CareyOnline BEFORE the due date to get your TurnItIn similarity report – then you can address any issues and resubmit by the due date with NO grade penalty.
  8. If there is a legitimate reason for needing an extension – fill out the form and talk with Neroli as soon as possible.
  9. If you need some help, but just are not sure where to start, ask for help. Talk to any of the teaching team, library or student support team. That’s why we are here!


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