Week 9 @ Carey - Level 2 Info

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Week 9 @ Carey - Level 2 Info
by Kathryn Heard - Friday, 15 May 2020, 12:47 PM

We’ve made it to level 2!

I was a bit surprised by how much joy I felt with the announcement on Monday—I mean, I knew I would be very excited when the schools were back open—but this was more than that. Matt and I processed this together and concluded that part of that joy was because we feel like we have done this collectively.

We have this sense of solidarity with our neighbours (who we’ve actually gotten to know), with students, with supermarket workers, and with church communities. I know this has been a time of increased stress for many, but we have all persevered and it’s paying off.

Oddly, I feel more connected to others, even strangers, in light of this experience. Coming from a more individualistic society, we have felt honoured to be in Aotearoa and to feel even more connected to this community and land.

If we can experience that kind of connection in lockdown, we cannot wait to experience this kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face).

Christa McKirland


From Monday 18 May the campus will be open for some limited activities with physical distancing, contact tracing and hygiene protocols in place.

Remember: Play It Safe. If you are coming on-site you must SIGN IN at reception or the library and then SIGN OUT when you leave. 

You can go into Te Whare Oranga, the Wharekai but you need to SIGN IN beforehand.

The back door to the lecture rooms will be closed so you will have to come in via reception.

Please do not wander through the Baptist Union offices upstairs.

Most staff will be back on-site on Monday. We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

There will be no Monday and Tuesday lunches on-site.

However, we are continuing with our online community activities. Your family and others living with you are welcome to join too!

Short, but oh so sweet! Join us as we gather around the Word, pray for our World, and lean into our Work for the week ahead.
Meeting ID: 865 918 308
Get along at 12:30pm for some hanging out time, and a little bit of fun! You bring your lunch, we’ll bring the fun. (Meeting ID: 450 933 146).


Study and lectures will continue online for the remainder of Semester One. However, if you are an on-site student, you are welcome to make appointments by email or phone in order to meet face to face with teaching and/or administrative staff on matters relating to your study.


We realise that the restrictions around Covid-19 have impacted us all to varying degrees and are wanting to ensure that we are cognisant of these impacts on students and are making necessary allowances.

You should be aware that we have taken a more relaxed approach to assessment due dates, and teachers are also making allowances for the fact that it has been more difficult to locate source materials and research during Level 4 and 3.

If you feel that your study has been significantly impacted please let us know and feel free to talk with your teachers and/or with Neroli. We will also be working closely with the student association to ensure that we continue to have a good sense of how things tracking are for all our students.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui.


Carey still has funds available for any student who has limited or no access to technology-enabled learning. The next round closes 20th May.

Find out more here 

The Library will be open at these times:

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

10am – 12.30pm Saturday


We are running an Open Day Online coming up on 26th May, 12.30pm - 2.30pm.
Feel free to share with your friends and invite them to join. they'll get to meet our lecturers, hear from students, find out about the different formation tracks and get their questions answered. There will be break out sessions too, and Sam will make sure some fun is thrown into the mix!!

People have to register so they can join the zoom call.

Here's more details on our website -
Share the FB Event with your friends -


As I sit here at the dawn of Level Two,

I think about all that we’ve lost
And all that we’ve gained.
People, places, moments, connection,
Food, stories, time, reflection.
I wish that some things did not have to be,
But rejoice in the new things
that I was always destined to see.
As I sit here at the beginning of a new way of life,
My heart grieves for the hurt and all that it has cost.
But I am reminded of the One
who has been constant through the storm,
the One who knew and carries us all.
Level Two – oh, we have been waiting for you.

Written by Morgan Dews