Week 7 @ Carey (Week 3 Lockdown)

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Week 7 @ Carey (Week 3 Lockdown)
by Kathryn Heard - Thursday, 9 April 2020, 1:52 PM
Kia ora koutou,
We’re just days away from Easter Sunday. How are you feeling as you approach this special day? The COVID-19 crisis, and the last two weeks of lockdown, have been very difficult for many of us. Physical isolation. Financial stress. Emotional turmoil. Do you feel a bit trapped?
In his account of the resurrection John highlights the emotions of several of Jesus’ disciples as they approach Easter Sunday. Mary comes to Easter gripped by grief (John 20:1-18). She’s lost her Lord. The disciples come to Easter frozen by fear (John 20:19-23). They hide behind locked doors. Thomas comes to Easter disoriented by doubt (John 20:24-29). He can’t believe that Jesus is risen.
Grief. Fear. Doubt.
But look at how each of these disciples leave Easter Sunday. Mary recognises the voice of Jesus, and her grief is displaced by joy. The disciples receive the gift of Christ’s peace, and their fear flowers into hope. Thomas touches the wounds of his Saviour, and his doubt turns to worship.
They each come trapped. But they each leave transformed.
This Easter, my prayer is that you encounter the voice of Jesus, the peace of Jesus, the promise of Jesus. And discover again that nothing is beyond his transforming power.
I also pray that you’re able to have a really good rest over the Easter period. The last few weeks have been very demanding. Over the coming three weeks the Carey learning community will change pace.

Every blessing,
It’s Easter people - but not like we have known it. 

Usually today most of us would be packing for, or unpacking at, some Easter Camp somewhere right now… there would be that age old debate of which stores can be open for trade, bustling supermarkets and outlets with every kind of Easter egg conceivable…. instead we are observing isolation within our respective bubbles …no Mystery Creek nor Finlay Park, no warehouse… just our bubble. 

As we enter into our Reading Study weeks, I hope you will be able to enjoy the slowing down of the pace, to be able to withdraw from the many zoom demands and sit in the quietness of a stripped back Easter. 

I hope you will be able to solemnly remember and lament Good Friday, and to celebrate colourfully the triumphant Resurrection Sunday… and to rest. Blessed Easter everyone!

Reti Ah-Voa | Pasifika Cultural Advisor and Student Support


We will be observing the normal Easter Break in 2020  (during Lockdown Level 4)

This means:
Good Friday - CLOSED
Saturday - CLOSED
Easter Sunday - CLOSED
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - CLOSED
Open again Wednesday 15th April

This includes the Library presently operating offsite.

During this period, we won’t be gathering for worship on Monday mornings.

However, we will maintain our pattern of gathering for lunch together on Wednesday at 12.30 pm. Here are the details: (Meeting ID: 450 933 146).

Join us – students and staff – for some relaxed chat and a bit of fun.


John will be hosting a morning tea on Fridays at 10.30 am-11.00 am (17th April, 24th April, 1st May).

If you want to connect for a chat about anything at all, then please feel free to pop into his “office” here: (Meeting ID: 954 859 731).


If you're having difficulty accessing course resources, Zoom classes or CareyOnline forums etc get in touch with your course lecturer or feel free to contact Neroli.(

We are here to help so don't be shy! 


If your circumstances have changed due to the lock-down and you are struggling with assessment timelines please talk to you course teacher in the first instance. Reach out early and don’t wait until it is too late!


As you are all aware, in response to the lock-down restrictions due to Covid-19, Carey moved all courses to fully online from week 4 of semester. We would love to have your feedback as to what is working well, where the pain points are, and other ideas or comments you may have. 

Please take 2-3 minutes to give your your thoughts by completing THIS SURVEY.
This will help us tweak things and improve how we support your learning.


Your Voice Matters! Nga mihi nui


The Lowdown website is a great resource if you're struggling in your bubble. It's got some great answers for when life sucks.

But, don't forget that we are here to help too. If you need to talk or need a virtual hug just email or text. You are not alone!


The Library will be following the College Easter closing period.

Friday through to Tuesday - closed
We will re-open on Wednesday 15th April
Do you need help? Email us!