TurnItIn - Student Workshop next Tuesday 13th Aug 1pm

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TurnItIn - Student Workshop next Tuesday 13th Aug 1pm
by Rob Ayres - Friday, 9 August 2019, 10:22 AM

Carey, like many tertiary organisations, uses Turn It In to check submitted assessments for authenticity and academic integrity. Turn It In compares the submitted assessment with a large database of previous student work, online articles and journals and websites. It then produces a “similarity report” that highlights areas in the assessment where the text matches text from the database, and that could potentially be problematic. At Carey, we want students to learn how to correctly use and reference original source material (journals, books, websites etc), and so we are now making the Originality Report available for students in our Level 4 and core Level 5 courses so that Turn It In can be used as a developmental tool. This means you are able to submit your assessment, receive the similarity report, identify and address and problematic areas and then resubmit the assessment (after 24 hours).

If you are a student, knowing how to read and understand the originality report is vital – the Library will be holding a session to help explain this on TUESDAY 13th August. A TIP SHEET for students is attached. If you have any questions talk to the library team or email Go well with your assessments!!