Week 2/2 @ Carey

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Week 2/2 @ Carey
by Kathryn Heard - Friday, 26 July 2019, 12:12 PM
WEEK 2      

This is for the powerless, the wounded and the weak
This is for the immigrant, and those who cannot speak
If the ground beneath your feet feels unstable
There's a place, there's a place for you
At my table

If you're broken, you are welcome
If you're outside looking in
If you have no place of your own
My door is open, it's always open

To anyone wondering if you belong
To anyone who feels afraid and not that strong
If you wanted to be confident but you weren't able
There's a place, there's a place for you
At my table


Listen every pilgrim, when the road ahead is long
It doesn't matter where you go, you're never too far gone
Even if you've lost your way or been unfaithful
There's a place, there's a place for you
At my table
There's a place, there's a place for you
At my table

At My Table - Dave and JJ Heller - Listen to it now!
This song means so much to me. It was given to me, recently, to go along with a picture and word spoken over me as an encouragement. You see, months ago I had this vision of my dining room table, with people all around it, speaking about God, truth, love, opening the word. There was food, there was laughter and there were tears. It was a safe space.
Then a few months later I was given this song and the same picture from a friend on the other side of the world. God is so good.
But it has made me stop and think. It shames me and excites me. I love hospitality, but I wonder if I am selective in this. Who have I had at my table in the past? Who will I invite around my table in the future?
As Angus, my husband, and I continue our ministry together, we have decided that our table is going to be the center of our ministry and a way to show Gods love.  We want to explore what it looks like to create space at our table - not just at home, but also at church. And we will do it, with full and expectant hearts knowing God is in this.

Wendy Budge

CHAPEL - 11am Tuesdays

Come and join us on Tuesday to hear Sam Kilpatrick share insights from Zacchaeus and his tenacious attitude. 

"I really wanted to see!"


Join us as a community for lunches on Monday and Tuesday in the Wharekai
Monday 12.40pm
Tuesday 12pm

Our chef Karen cooks up a storm for us and its free!


Every Wednesday the Carey community comes together for prayer. This is led by a staff member.
This week Reti Ah-Voa will be leading us as we pray for each other.


Laurie Guy (former Carey lecturer) is available (free) to provide weekly academic help to students, particularly if English is your second language. The help would be given at Carey on Thursday afternoons, or at Laurie's home in Glen Innes by special arrangement. Email Laurie if you are interested (


All new students should have received an email clarifying the requirement to complete our First Steps Moodle course. This is a short (2 hour) course that introduced concepts around academic writing, academic literacies and academic integrity. All new students are required to COMPLETE this course by 12 August. This course will be in the MyCourses section on the left navigation bar when you log in to CareyOnline. Please remember that the Student Handbook (link?) has key information about studying at Carey, and support options available.


Please remember that any course or enrolment changes need to be made by Friday 2 August at the latest. Please talk with Neroli Hollis (Academic Registrar:


We're excited to introduce two new lecturers who will be joining the Carey faculty for Semester Two:
Dr Karen Nelson will be teaching MB531 Introduction to Old Testament while Csilla is on sabbatical.  Karen has a PhD from Otago University titled:” Hermeneutics for Old Testament texts : a study of meaning, message and methodology” and is involved in the Presbyterian church.  Csilla has used Karen to teach in her courses over the past few years.
Dr Stuart Lange will be involved with MB6/728 A History of the Gospel in Aotearoa with Andrew Picard.  Stuart has a long history of theological college teaching at Laidlaw College since 1990 and has a PhD in the history of twentieth-century evangelical Christianity in New Zealand.  Alongside his lecturing he continues to be the senior minister at  Massey Presbyterian Church.    

Caretaker, guardian, caregiver, steward

Come and grab a bargain. $1 a book. New stock has just been added.


Library hours are as follow:
Monday – Thursday  8:30-6:30pm
Friday                        9am-5:00pm
Saturday                   10:00am-12:30pm

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God...for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18