CareyWeekly Newsletter 2022 S2 Week 11

CareyWeekly Newsletter 2022 S2 Week 11

Student Communication -

Focusing In

You know when you take a photo and everyone is looking at the camera, smiling, and the background is framed perfectly? You know you've crushed it, and you walk away happy that the moment was captured forever in the best way. Then, when you take a closer look, you notice it's just slightly out of focus? 

I feel like that's how I have been living for a while lately. That life around me is going really well--work, school, church, friendships. When I think about what God is doing around me, it's hard to say it isn't great. But, it's easy to lose focus and end up spiraling in my own thoughts, and wake up sometimes feeling like life is awful. 

But this last couple weeks, I had the privilege of sitting with students across Carey in focus groups. I heard about what is going well for many of you, what you love about Carey, and ideas you had around improvements that could be made. It was encouraging to hear some of your journeys, and how you have been impacted during your time here. And Carey has changed because of your investments and outputs. 

I feel like these last couple weeks, God has been incrementally focusing the lens for me. And, it's no secret that we have amazing students, and I am grateful for God using your stories to give me a bit more perspective. I hope, as you focus on the home stretch of the semester, you can see clearly what God is doing in and around you.


Weekly Karakia

Jordyn Rapana will be sharing with us during our weekly karakia this Tuesday, and matua Luke will curate our time together. Join us in the chapel or join us via Zoom for worship.

Meeting ID: 924 5851 4246.

We can't wait to see you!!

Community Lunch

Come along on Monday at 12.15pm and Tuesday at 12pm for amazing kai and whakawhanaungatanga.

And don't forget the set-up and clean-up duties for the term. The following classes are set to help this week:





 Thinking Theologically 


 General Formation 


New Carey T-shirts Available Now!

The amazing Daphne Haurua has designed an incredible t-shirt as part of our recent design competition. Even better, you can order your very own, along with other awesome merch! Prices are below:

  • T-shirts: $30
  • Hoodies: $50
  • Beanies: $12
Hoodies and Tees are available in white, white marle (light grey), and ecru (beige). Beanies are available in black.

To order: Email Lidy on with the item(s) you want, along with size(s), and colour(s). She will give you payment details then. You can also rock up to reception and pay in person. Easy as! 

Please have your orders in by next Friday, 14 October so we can send everything to the printer at once.

Library News

The library staff are always keen to assist you, so stop by or send an email and say hi.

Monday to Thursday 8.30am-6.30pm
Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-12.30pm

Reminder about Due Dates and Extensions

Please check the due dates for assessments. Unless prior approval for an extension has been sought, assessments are due on the set day, typically by midnight.

Assessments handed in up to one week (seven days) after the due date are marked with 10% late penalty; assessments handed in between 7-14 days are marked pass/fail. Assessments handed in after the two-week period normally are not marked and receive a fail grade.

So, if you need an extension please talk to your teacher and Neroli, and complete an application for an extension.