CareyWeekly Newsletter 2022 S1 Week 10

CareyWeekly Newsletter 2022 S1 Week 10

Student Communication -

The Great Return

This week has marked the Great Return for us on-site at Carey. The first sit-down meal together since last year. The in-person chapel Karakia service as well. And the return for 3 out of our 4 awesome Kaiako--welcome back on-site Sarah, Phil and George (with Michael landing on our shores very soon to compete the “Fantastic Four”). And many students have returned to class live and in the flesh as well. How good!? I know for us Intermission crew, we love being together in the flesh. 

There is a real sense of excitement I feel around the place. Maybe I’m just a raving extrovert. But I think it might be more the fact that nothing can really replace being in-person. Sure, we can do a lot. These past few years have taught us we can probably do more than we knew! We can learn to be content. Engage with people we wouldn’t normally. And we haven’t even had to get out of our pajamas! 

But... nothing beats this. Nothing beats reading facial expressions in a lunchtime conversation. Nothing beats being able to ask a question without fear of your internet glitching and freezing on a weird facial expression. Nothing beats the sense of the Spirit as we are gathered together to worship God through our study.

So, I want to encourage you. If you are around Tāmaki then pop in for classes live... And if you can't pop in anytime just to say hi and grab a coffee with a staff member (John's shout!). And if you are distance student why not join up with the students in your city for a feed or a livestream? I hope to hear of the creative ways we all engage kanohi ki te kanohi with each other. 


Changes to Campus Operations

You are likely well-aware of these procedures, and one day soon we will hopefully not have to remind you about them any more. But, as we continue to move forward with the health and safety of our Carey whānau in mind, here is a reminder of a few changes since last week:

  • Community lunches will be Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Chapel/karakia will take place in the chapel but continue to actively engage our distance students. There is a new Zoom link, so see below for details. 
  • All weekly-taught courses will be offered on-site except for MB6/732 Pentateuch, which will remain online for all of semester one. 
  • Block courses will be on-campus as per the timetable, and in-person attendance is expected. Please discuss with your teachers if you are unable to attend.
  • Library hours are back to normal. See below for full details.
  • Masking rules remain the same.
  • Please continue to monitor for Covid symptoms, and stay home if you are sick. 
Feel free to message Rob if you have any questions.

Community Lunch

Week 10 inaugurated a new, exciting season for Carey's community lunches, and Julie spoiled us with amazing kai! 

As Julie continues to provide us with lunches, it would be helpful if any dietary needs and preferences are lodged with her so she can prepare well. If you have a specfic requirement for your meals, please let Jule know by completing this brief form

New Zoom Link for Weekly Karakia 

Last week, we gathered together for karakia in the chapel, with several students joining us via Zoom. It was a special time to connect with one another, and we are working hard to continue to foster community over distance for all our students.

If you plan to join our Zoom call, please note there is a new link for the duration of the semester: Meeting ID: 989 8833 3139. Join via Zoom.

Whether you are on-campus or on the South Island, chapel is going to continue to look a little different. So, come prepared to worship together in new and creative ways. See you Tuesday!

NEW Chapel Zoom Link

Want better grades on your next assessment?

Have you looked at the teacher feedback on CareyOnline?
Have you used the resources on the 10 Essentials?
Have you talked to the library team about how to find good resources?
Have you used the referencing guides?
Have you used a Peer Writing Assistant?
Have you talked with the Paihere Student Support team?

Our student support team are here to help you move that B to an A or that C to a B! Talk to us!

Library Hours and Competition Update

The Library staff are loving that campus is buzzing again with students. As a reminder, operating hours are as follows:

Monday–Thursday: 8.30am–6.30pm
Friday: 9am–5pm
Saturday: 10am–12.30pm

As the semester goes on, and the work builds up, the Library team are pressing pause on the Bible competition. So, no new languages to identify this week.

Help Downloading eBooks

Did you know that if you are struggling to download an eBook, there is a help video for that very thing? It's recently been updated, so listen to the fantastic Anna Tovey tell you all about

Open Day 24 May

Got a friend who would love Carey? Or a family member? Do you know someone at your church who would thrive here? Invite them along to our Open Day in a couple weeks.

If you bring along a friend, make sure they register online and include your name when asked how they heard about Open Day. Who knows? Maybe you will win the prize draw for those who bring along a friend.

Pastor's Lunch

You're invited to a pastor's lunch next week run by NZBMS in conjunction with the Baptist Union and Carey. Even if you are not a pastor or training to be one, you are welcome to join Alan, Charles, John, and Reti for worship and conversation about mission and the church.

When: Wednesday, 18 May at 11am
Where: Meet in the chapel (lunch to follow)

Be sure to register by 16 May so we can have a lunch for you.