Week 6 @ Carey (Week 2 Lockdown)

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Week 6 @ Carey (Week 2 Lockdown)
Kathryn Heard - 2020年04月3日 Friday 15:00
A Lockdown Thought from Sam Kilpatrick
The words 'quarantine' and 'isolation' can be pretty scary words for us to hear. It can bring feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia, or boredom. 
For me it's actually been a really great time to slow down. What an opportunity for us all to step away from the burden of busyness, and take a deep breath. Or 100 deep breaths. 
Taking the time to be still has allowed God to be a part of all of my life, rather than a few fleeting minutes when I feel like I can spare them and I can be bothered. I don't know about you, but having God be in all the parts of my life changes things.
I've found myself full of creativity, and with the courage to actually do something about it!
Even though life isn't exactly how we want it to be right now, I'll leave you with a mantra that I speak over myself often:
Even so, He is still good, and I am still His beloved child.
That will never change.

Carly Armstrong | SASS President 2020


Don't forget that on Monday mornings we gather from 9:00am – 9:25am for a time of worship.
We looked forward to having Christa share with us this Monday, as Rob guides our time together.

Zoom Meeting Invite

Topic: Monday Morning Gathering
Time: Mar 30, 2020 09:00 AM Auckland, Wellington

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Come hang out with us on Wednesday at 12:30pm. You bring your lunch, we’ll bring the fun!
Meeting ID: 450 933 146


We've included some new helpful resources on Careyonline. Under the 10 Essentials page we've added e-Learning resources (How to use Zoom, How to use CareyOnline) and will be uploading more as they become available.


If you're having difficulty accessing course resources, Zoom classes or CareyOnline forums etc get in touch with your course lecturer or feel free to contact Neroli.(
The Library Team is up and running!!.

A notice is now on the library web page - basically, although the library is closed we are contactable ( and happy to help with any of your library or study requests.


God, grant me rest. Bring me peace. Give me a time of refreshing. Rejuvenate my mind. Restore my body. Awaken my soul. Let me and my family rest in your shadow knowing that you are overlooking our lives. You have ordained for me to work, and also have declared that I rest from that work. Provide for me a calmness and freedom to be able to relax and celebrate your presence with family and friends.