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Here we go!

Welcome to semester two 2024 at Carey Baptist College!

If you are a returning student, we hope you have rested well and enjoyed the last few weeks. If this semester marks the start of your Carey journey as a new student, nau mai, haere mai ki Te Kāreti Iriiri o Carey!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey of growth and discovery! Every week, you'll get this CareyWeekly Newsletter, your guide to all things important in this transformative semester. So, make it a habit to read it weekly and stay in the know about all that is happening around Carey.

As always, if you need anything, just give us a shout. We’re here for you!

All you need to know in one place

You’ll likely have come across our Current Students webpage by now, but we’ve put it together so you’d have all the answers you need in one place. It’s your place to start if you need to know something. Here are a few of the resources you may find handy there:

  • CareyOnline - our learning platform has all your course info, lecture recordings, and more. CareyOnline was upgraded prior to this semester, so check out this CareyOnline navigation document for all you need to know on the changes.

  • 10 Essentials - from how to use the library, to how to reference, these documents have all you need to succeed in your assessments.

  • Adademic Regulations and Calendar and Student Handbook - information on student regulations, harassment and complaint procedures, and much more can be found here.

  • Timetables - check these out to see when your classes are running next week. Also, don't forget to familiarise yourself with your course outlines on CareyOnline.

  • Student Support and Wellbeing - learn about our passionate team and resources available to you, like information on The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice.

  • Student Facebook Group - a page for current students of Carey to ask questions, share resources, and whatever else you need.

Orientation Mihi Monday, 22 July

At the start of each semester, we welcome new students into the Carey whānau with an Orientation Mihi.

New students are strongly encouraged to come on-site since it is such a special time to connect. The mihi will take place from
8.30am (be sure to arrive by 8.15am!) on Monday, 22 July, followed by time to get to know other students and staff, and also to share some kai.

Returning students are also invited to come along and welcome new students and staff.

Introduction to Christian Leadership Course

You’ve probably heard that Carey has been organising an exciting offering in its one-of-a-kind Introduction to Christian Leadership course. Well, there is fantasitc news that the new Certificate in Christian Leadership (Micro-credential) is now NZQA approved!

At the moment, currently enrolled students are NOT eligible to take this course because it is its own credential, and we are not able to enrol students in multiple, concurrent qualifications. It’s ok to be sad about that, but only for a second, as you WILL be able to take the course in the future. We’re just ironing out some details to make that possible for you.

HOWEVER, what you can do while you wait to take the course yourself is tell all your friends about it. This course is going to reframe how we think about leadership with wisdom, learning, and insight from our entire teaching team.

Here’s all you need to know

When: course starts on Tuesday 20 August, 7-9pm, 12 classes
Mode: fully online, for credit. Study either with a CareyLocal cohort or as an individual student
Cost: only $240 per student (similar courses are $809). That’s the equivalent of just $20 per class!
Enrolment: opens on 30 July and close on 12 August.
Award: successful completion will result in the award of an NZQA-accredited Certificate in Christian Leadership (micro-credential).

There are limited spaces on this course and no late enrolments will be accepted.

Karakia for semester two

The theme for our community worship on Tuesdays at 11.15 in the chapel this year is Mentored for Ministry. We have been working through the letters of Timothy and Titus—sometimes known as the “pastoral epistles.” We are exploring how Paul affirms, guides, and challenges younger colleagues into faithfulness and effectiveness in their respective ministry contexts.

Each Tuesday, on-site students will gather for karakia in the chapel, where we will be encouraged by the Scritptures together.

Recording crew on-site this Tuesday

This Tuesday, we will have a film crew at karakia, so please be sure to be there! No one will be asked to speak, but if you are uncomfortable being on camera, let Nicola know.

Karakia recordings for all our students

As a reminder, we are filming karakia as we go and will provide recordings online as they become available. Check out the 2024 semester one recordings to catch up or get a refresher.

Here to support you

Supporting our students is our top priority, and we want to let you know about our amazing team.

Student Support Advisors

Denise Tims and Jarrahmal Tanielu are your Student Support Advisors. Denise has a primary responsibility for connecting with and supporting Māori students, while Jarrahmal will have primary responsibility for supporting our Pasifika students. Both of them will also provide wider support for all students in partnership with our wonderful library support team: Siong, Mei Ling, and Anna.

CareyLocal and ESOL Support

Jacqui Fisher will also be supporting our CareyLocal students, and Laurie Guy continues to support students with a particular focus on ESOL support.

You can talk to any of our team, and they will ensure you are connected with the best person to help you in your studies. Head to the library, and they will get you sorted.

The Library

Speaking of the library, it’s the place to go for pretty much anything you need while you’re at Carey. Whether you’re online or on-site, Mei Ling, Anna, and Siong can help you get your resources, answer questions, and be around for support as you study. Flick them an email, give them a call (09 526 0347), or stop by whenever you need them.

Extended Library Hours are back!

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 6.30pm
Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 10am to 12.30pm (starting 27th July)

First Steps for new students

All new students should be enrolled in First Steps on CareyOnline. This is a course to familiarise yourself with life at Carey and give you vital academic skills for your study journey. This is a required course, so please make it a priority to complete if you haven’t done it before.

Change of enrolment and more

Are you in the right level for your course? Something else off? If you need to make changes to your courses, complete an Application to Change Courses and send it to Neroli.

Also, if you are having trouble logging into CareyOnline or with just about anything else, flick an email to Neroli. She knows everything.

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CareyWeekly Newsletter 2024 S1 Week 17

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Semester one 2024 is (really, really, really, close to being) done! At this point, you’re probably already celebrating or envisioning it happening soon. Whatever is left for you, we hope that you are also able to reflect on the ways God has shaped and grown you over this term. May your hard work bear much fruit as you press on!

There are some important things to know either way, so read on to stay in the loop.

…of the semester

The end of the semester is HERE. It’s time to turn in your work. If you have any issues at all please talk to Neroli. Late submissions will NOT be accepted, unless you have approval from Neroli.

What’s Next?

Marker’s meeting takes place on 11 July, and results will be accessible through your Student Portal on Friday, 12 July.

Change of Course

If you need to add, remove, or change a course for semester two 2024, it's not that hard. Just complete this Application to Change Courses, and get it to Neroli.

Psalms Conference Worship Evening

You know about the Psalms Conference, and you should register if you haven’t yet!

But did you know about the Worship Evening on Thursday, 18 July from 7pm at C3 Church (20 Cawley St, Ellerslie)?

This event is FREE and open to the public and will feature an evening of praise, worship, teaching, and reflection to help us hear what the Pslams might sound like in our own communities. Click below to register!

New library hours

With the semester coming to an end, the library hours are changing. Check out the new schedule below:

NEW Library hours (from 1 July):

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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