• Printing Using Mobility Print

    Mobility Print lets you print from Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Macs, Windows, and Android devices. Setting up your device is simple and easy to do.

    You must be connected to the Carey’s wireless (WiFi) network to setup and use Mobility Print.

    Set up Mobility Print Printer

    Follow the link to the setup page for your device, then follow the instructions.

    You'll be prompted to select the follow-me-print printer, and to enter your Carey Library network username and password. (See library staff if you don't know it.)

    How to Print

    When it's time to print, just print like you normally do. Be sure to use the Follow-me-print printer you selected when you installed Mobility Print.

    Go to the Carey Library MFD and tap your student card on the card reader. if this does not log you in enter your Carey Library network username and password in the relevant field.

    Once logged in either select Print all or press Print release to select your print job(s).

    Remember to log out once you have finished.